Profile of beauty advisers

Smile connect editors and researchers deliver personalized beauty tips every day to support your beauty routine.

Editor-in-chief REIKO

A cool beauty with encyclopedic knowledge of skin care and makeup. Motivates the editorial team with an open heart and constructive criticism.

Assistant editor KAEDE

Another big sis type tuned into beauty and devoted to improving herself. Has fans for her sultry smile. Can be mischievous.

Mid-level editor JESSIE

Her international upbringing gives her a fresh perspective for the job. Cares about maintaining her beauty but loathes tedious routines.


A guy with gorgeous looks, and a firm believer that every woman is beautiful.

Editor KEI

A newbie learning about the art and practice of beauty. Enthusiastic about trying out useful tips, is learning fast to catch up quickly with the senior editors.

Leader of the Smile Connect Lab KOICHI

A mellow and kind gentleman to the casual observer, he is actually a grandee of the Smile Connect Lab. Offers beauty advice with a hands-on approach.

Researcher TETSUYA

Has the gift to explain the complex science of beauty in simple terms. Dedicated to his job, if not a research geek.