About smile connectAbout smile connect

Smile connect is a smartphone app designed to support your beauty routine.
Enjoy beauty support in various scenes of your daily life.

Features of smile connectFeatures of smile connect

Smile connect has many features. Here is a quick look at a handful of them.

point 1Receive daily beauty tips

Smile connect editors and researchers take turns to deliver daily beauty tips. The tips are personalized based on your purchase history, and tailored to support your unique beauty needs.

Profile of beauty advisers

point 2Link the app with My Card and make it personal

Visit a Kanebo counter and link the app with My Card to view information such as store details (My Store registration), your visit history, your purchase history (purchases and reservations), your skin analysis results, and your counseling appointments.

point 3Receive friendly messages from your store

Your regular store* sends you information about discounts and reminders of your next appointment.
* Counters using the Kanebo Cosmetics Store Customer System

point 4Measure your skin moisture level anytime, anywhere

Use the skin moisture sensor to compare the condition of your skin before and after skin care, measure other areas of concern like the neck, back of the hand, and shin, and record the results for each area once a day. Enter icons and comments in your skin diary, and draw on the information to enhance your skin care routine.

Receiving a skin moisture sensor

* An earphone jack adapter is required for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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